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Sometimes and for a whole host of reasons a person may want to change their name, be it their forenames or surname. Under English Law there is no property in a surname and this can be changed very easily, provided that there is a genuine reason for doing so and it is not with a view to committing a crime, eg fraud. A child's surname can similarly be changed by natural parents, adoptive parents and guardians as long as the child is not subject to a court order prohibiting the change. A court can make an order for a proposed change of name, or the estranged parent can authorise it by providing their written consent.

A mother of a child not subject to a court order prohibiting a change, is entitled to change the name of her child without the natural fathers written consent if the natural parents of the child were never married to each other.

Forenames can be changed under English Law, provided either the adult or the child has not been christened. If they have been christened, the way to achieve the change of the forename(s) is to add the new name to the old name in day to day usage/transactions.

We provide a service to give advice on your needs, the law applying to you or your family's circumstances and to draft the required Change of Name Deed, more often than not, during the first appointment.


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