Statutory Declarations


A Statutory Declaration is a document that is prepared with a view that once it has been sworn it becomes a document of evidence as to the facts recited in the Declaration. It can cover a multitude of areas of one's life, from evidencing changes of name, historical ownership of property, rights of way over land, status of an individual to be eligible to be able to marry. Further corporate/company documents are regularly prepared to comply with statutory requirements and good governance of a company.

Declarations can therefore be prepared to suit the individual or corporate needs of our clients, whatever the nature of the facts to be sworn to as factual evidence, with if appropriate, exhibits attached, such as copies of plans, letters or birth, death and marriage certificates or court orders if required.

We can also administer Oaths, Declarations and Affidavits to be sworn, where they have been prepared by another firm of solicitors or organisation.


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